Engineering Consultancy

Serve an expertise on your desk

Our professional engineers

Our engineers consist of professionals who have worked in engineering in the oil & Gas, mining, marine and electrical renewable energy industries with 10 to 30 years of experience.
Indeed, they are very accustomed to working under pressure, difficult project schedules and conditions, accustomed to working in high quality coordination in a multinational environment as they are experienced in working on projects both domestically an internationally.


We come from Multi-discipline expert engineers consisting of Process Engineers, Process safety Engineers, HSE Engineers, Instrument-control and Telecommunication Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Piping Engineers, Pipeline Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Civil and Structural Engineers, Corrosion engineers and Project Management Team.
We are united in an innovation platform that we call engineering consultancy according to our high-quality level of expertise.


The ability, knowledge, and skills of our engineers are always up to date with current technological developments as they actively work and hone their knowledge, they also have a very good work ethic, willing to learn, and willing do work 24 hours at 2 shifts on client requests in a certain condition.